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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the hunt for clues into a gunman's past after that deadly siege at a flanked parenthood center that killed three and hurt nine more. hello. i'm debra alfarone. all of this while a community is in mourning. police are releasing new details about the shooting rampage although we still don't know the identities of two of the dead. mourners wiped away tears during a vigil for the victims of friday's deadly shooting
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rampage at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. vicky coher oversees the center. >> what happened yesterday was a terrible crime. result in a terrible tragedy and we will never forget it. >> police say robert louis dear walked into the clinic and opened fire. patients and staff dodged bullets by hiding underneath furniture. >> then i saw the gunman walking with a shotgun just shooting randomly. >> reporter: ozzie was in his car and came face-to-face with the shooter. >> i saw myself in the mirror and it's like my god. he was aiming for my head. >> reporter: as the gun battle raged, university of colorado police officer garrett swashy was shot and killed along with two other civilians. >> i've been shot. [ inaudible ] >> i'm hit. >> reporter: when it was over nine people were wounded including five police officers. police searched the suspect's property in north carolina for
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clues and his neighbors say he was a loner. and dear is being held without bond and his first court appearance is this monday. the officer killed 44-year-old swayze was remembered today as a beloved father of two. a leader in his church, and a former competitive figure skater. in fact, he skated with olympian nancy kerrigan when they were kids. >> garrett's personality, fun. funny. a true friend. just very loyal. and loving, caring person. good listener. >> kerrigan also said his father called her to share the horrifying news. well turning to the weather, it is looking a bit unsettled as that long holiday weekend winds down. howard says doppler 9000 is going to get a workout what does that mean exactly howard? we have some weather as you
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said debra. >> it looks like the first half of sunday is going to be wet. tomorrow is a yellow alert day. all the way back to memphis and we have rain from the west that's moving in to the east and i'm going to zoom in here on first alert doppler. even south of town you're going to get in on the rain overnight into sunday as well. everything is moving easterly you do see some breaks but it's getting more solid as far as the coverage of the rain especially as you head west of the blue ridge. and light to even moderate showers now showing up so definitely wet roads will be the case tonight for the overnight into the first half of sunday and on futurecast, actually, as a slow drop in temperatures overnight will be in the 40s to low 50s by morning. and then tomorrow, even through midday, the rain is going to be around. although fewer showers as we get into the afternoon. so a wet start and then other chances for rain also for the first half of the week. i'll be back with the seven day forecast and detail that for you in a few minutes. debra? thank you howard. if you are looking to get into the holiday spirit, well there
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are menty of texas -- plenty of option this is weekend, one of them was in the heart of shaw tonight and our ellison barber was there. ♪ >> reporter: shaw's a neighborhood filled with people. today, it was a place filled with music. ♪ dancing. trains. snow globes. and face paint. >> i'm going to get stockings. >> reporter: once the sun went down the neighborhood had new life. >> two, one! >> reporter: this was organized by the development company that built all of this. for most people, this was the first big event of the holiday season. and it was all about having fun. >> oh it's great. we actually put our tree together today. >> yeah. >> and then this was our first event outside the house. >> the house. say hi. >> reporter: but for some it was about more than just a tree lighting. >> yeah i called this a
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bonding. >> reporter: about bringing together people who live in a community see a lot of changes. >> this is very diversity community now. we all learning how to get along with each other. it's nice to know who we're living with you know. who we a part of and who we going to be around. we have to learn to start coming together as one. >> reporter: by the end of the night every one of them was excite for the holiday. >> it will definitely put you in the spirit. >> reporter: in shaw, i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> and today was small business saturday. the shopping event started in 2010 to bring shoppers back to small local businesses to do their holiday shopping. we caught up with shoppers and shop owners in alexandria and the district of columbia to talk about what it means to support small local businesses. >> we really do do it ourselves and i think that means a lotuses customers -- lot to our
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customers. when they tell you about something they made it for you. >> we're a small business and we supply coffee to a lot of other small businesses. i mean restaurants, hotels, other coffee shops and we buy from glen's garden market. we buy sandwiches from union kitchen. it's the whole network of small businesses making things in d.c. and that's what small business saturday is all about. >> who served -- sells wonderful women's clothing. who's a d.c. owned and d.c. resident business that hires d.c. residents. and that's what -- that's what small businesses mean to us, they enliven corridors where there was no shopping and they hire d.c. residents and circulate all the d.c. cash in the district. >> according to american express, shoppers spent a whopping $14.3 billion last year on small business saturday. much of the money remains in the community where the money was spent. well, the partners at the "washington post" report this
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may be the best year for toy sales in the last ten. researchers project between 6% and 8% more toys will be sold this year. one of the greatest reasons is the new star "star wars: the force awakens" film. >> my sons are all about "star wars" right now. >> i probably agree especially for even adult. >> these are the original figure. >> scheduled for release on december 18th. well, it's tough enough growing into adulthood with all the new life lessons but what if your child whose parents have spent time in prison and they may not have been around to teach you? stephanie ramirez shows how a community is teaching them instead. >> reporter: what a weekend for it. and financial literacy was actually one of several workshops going on inside the thurgood marshall center behind me here in northwest d.c.. part of a larger conference saturday. >> want the buy a car -- to buy a car? >> either way $150 for insurance. >> reporter: it's called the life skills conference for the
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area's young adults. 17-year-old dell on the hair from upper marlboro. >> insight on things i didn't know. taxes, would you take out on each paycheck. 55% onelying and wages -- on living and wages. i can tell the life after college is going to be stressable. >> reporter: but the whole point of this is to make life a little easier for these students who already know the struggles, the chips in scholarships stands for children of incarcerated parents. 22-year-old jasmine arrington founded the nonprofit after learning there were no scholarships for such students even though the u.s. has the highest population of imprisoned persons. >> my father has been in and out of prison all my life always. i understand the emotional and financial struggles that come along with that it. >> i only had my mother to support us financially. >> reporter: she believes that's less insight into topics discussed here like sexual health, how to excel at work and finance. >> i was just mainly been just swiping my card. just swiping and not
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necessarily saying okay i'm going to use cash for this. is that tuck -- that stuck out. >> reporter: there's the workshops and then the scholarships. there are other opportunities to work the organization throughout the year. all the links up online at or on our wusa9 app. in northwest, i'm stephanie ramirez. >> and she tells us they recently won a grant and a few fellowships and next year they will include even more students in the scholarships life skills conference. well, we now know the name of the suspect in that double shooting in annapolis. and he has quite a gnaw unique smiling mug shot as you see there. anne arundel county police say kendrick tools has been charged with attempted first and second degree murder in one of the shootings and also been charged with possession of marijuana and a firearm and assault for spitting on a police officer. the victim was shot in the face just before 3:00 friday afternoon. and the 1800 block of copeland street.
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tools is also suspected in a second shooting that victim was shot in the stomach. meantime, five people are shot and three separate shootings overnight in southeast d.c.ment a man was seriously wounded in a shooting just after 8:00 last night. in the 2200 block of savannah street. less than an hour later another man the victim of gunfire and the 4,000 block of third street and just after 9:00, two men and a woman were shot in the 2100 block of alabama avenue. there's no word yet on what led to the shootings. well, why some hockey players on the ice for 12 hours this holiday weekend. and what a show on the big island of hawaii.
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potomac, maryland resident allan gross was released from a cuban prison last december. until now he has not spoken publicly about his ordeal but in an interview tomorrow night on cbs' "60 minutes" he talked about what he had to do to survive. >> i thought about my family that survived the holocaust.
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i exercised religiously every day. and i found something every day to laugh at. >> you can see scott pelley's interview with gross tomorrow night on "60 minutes" right here on wusa9. a winter storm that's blamed for more than a dozen deaths is now moving out of texas. but it keeps coating some states to the north in ice. eight people have died in flash flooding in texas and icy roads are being blamed for six traffic deaths in kansas. more than 60,000 stcuomers lost power in parts of oklahoma. and a spectacular show in hawaii. that's where the kilauea volcano erupted. it's one of the biggest i victims this year and although it's within civil miles of -- several miles of communities officials say it's not a threat at this time. it's one of the world's most active volcanos.
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hey, my friend, howard is here. >> how are you? >> i'm great. i went out earlier it was very nice out. >> yes. >> and that's about it. huh? >> yawey got into the 60s in fact it was 73 in fredericksburg today. >> really? >> at the 68 in andrews air force base. 65 at dulles and on the three degree guarantee i forecasted 67. >> what happened? >> you know we were in the neighborhood but at national airport they're right on the river, so they only got to 64. oh. so that's good though. >> we did it. >> that's okay. barely but we're there. we were within three. so yes, another accurate forecast. why that was a close one. lot of rain moving in and the rain is going to be with us i think through late morning or early afternoon on sunday. so tomorrow will be yellow alert day. want to show with you the rain is now -- you where the rain is know. from the west moving slowly to the east/southeast. southern maryland down to fredericksburg, quantity koa you're dry now but all of this rain is just a matter of time over the next couple of hours as it moves towards you. here in d.c., we have some light rain a moment ago in
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northwest. you can notice as you get down past prince william county still dry. st. mary's generally delay dry here but montgomery, fairfax and loudoun and west of the blue ridge. a bit of light to moderate showers out there and that's going to be the case for another oh 12 hours or so. 54 with the light rain at reagan national. light northeast wind at 5. so that front starting to slip past us as the winds are going from south to north. and you'll notice the cooler temperatures up north. we're down to 50 in frederick but still 59 at joint based andrews and front not there yet. martinsburg 52 and culpeper at 55. the weather headlines, the yellow alert sunday. the morning looks damp. if you're tailgating at fedex remember that and even the start of the game they still have a lingering shower. taper off midday early afternoon from north to south. much cooler and afternoon temperatures around 50 degrees. we're going to have the high for the day at midnight or in the next hour or so with more
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rain monday night into tuesday and i think even wednesday, as this pattern with the front nearby and all of this moisture, jet stream is coming right off the pacific and going right over the cooler air in texas with that pink still showing up and some freezing rain across parts of the kansas city metro and even northwest oklahoma. still a little bit more ice. some areas are more than half an inch of ice, with all this rain is moving out toward us. we're not going get the heavy rains like the flooding they had in north texas, but certainly nuisance rains for tonight in towards sunday morning. at 4:00 that front still coming throand still have rain. at 6:30 from the mason-dixon line. all the way down to the northern neck. by 10:00 notice lighter showers here the heavier ones south of us. but even as we get into 1:00, 1:30, still a few lingering showers before things really dry out for the afternoon. and the rain here, some of that could be back here by monday afternoon. so sunday night, monday morning at least will be quiet. for the overnight, 44 to 52. cool and damp periods of rain
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and showers. winds turning north northeast. a wet start to sunday. temperatures won't be moving much at all. in fact in the afternoon we're going to -- afternoon we're going to top out upper 40s and lower 50s as skies stay mostly cloudy. tomorrow night in the 30s to about 40. tuesday, looks wet so we have potential for more yellow alert days and wednesday still a little damp before we finish out the week sunny, dry and cool. >> well, we had a good run didn't we? we can't plain. >> november has been warm. in southeast d.c. today, the puck drops at 9:00 a.m. and i know you like hockey howard. for 12 hour hockey game to raise money for a new indoor ice arena to replace the fort dupont ice arena. it was built back in 1976. >> seems like 1770 something if you've been there. >> but last year a fundraising effort got underway to replace the city's only indoor rink with a two sheet ice rink.
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>> we put on a couple thousand kids on the ice free of charge every year through our program. through speed skating, hock ski and figure skating, with the majority of those kids coming from the ward 7 and 8 areas. this event so far has raised us over $10,000 already and that number is continuing to rise. >> the new arena project expected to cost $20.4 million. the district budgeted to food the bill for all but $5 million. today's event was just one of several sponsored by the friends of dupont ice arena. >> a great job out there with the skids and what a gift they have for that part of the city. great job. >> told you this guy loves his hockey for sure. all they need is $5 million? >> that's it. where's your wallet? >> done. >> pick it up here everyone. [ laughter ] >> let's talk some maryland football. 70 days between wins for maryland football.
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>> a day longer. >> which would explain today's jubilation. finally something to smile about for the terps. we'll have all the details coming up ne
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watching maryland's football season come to an end has been like witnessing chinese water torture. it is slow, it is methodical. it is painful to watch. yeah, and you feel like saying just end it for god's sake. today howard it reached the end. let's get to it. terps versus the strait university of new jersey. mike lock lee looking for his first win at interim coach and rutgers leading 24-3 and maryland went all hibernating bear wake up mode. and went -- and when they got up i mean they were hungry. ty johnson 43-yard run there to score. maryland's go ins only carried once today. not quantity. quality. terps put on a 24-7 burst to get back into it. maryland ran for almost ten yards a pop. ross 250 last week. 250 last week. today 173. and three more tds.
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for the score. and the rally is complete. maryland comes back to win cool moment here. maryland players dousing interim coach mike lox lee. he wouldn't comment on the future i only saying quote ill really enjoyed the -- i really enjoyed the last six weeks. maryland wins for the first time since september 19th. 46-41. congratulations to him. virginia tech, virginia. nice go pro. yeah. on the mascot riding the horse cam. i like that howard. all right, and like it technique to hold on to become bowl-eligible. chuck clark helping them do just that. look at frank beamer celebrating the last regular season game. he's retiring and 12th consecutive win over virginia in the commonwealth cup. after in the locker room, the 69-year-old doing the dabbo that new dance. yeah. 69-year-old meets the da bbo. virginia tech wins 23-
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>> replacing the nae-nae. >> chords know that? -- does howard know that? college pack cancun. -- park cancun. maryland basketball has been in cancun the past week. not a bad winter break. now back home in college park though taking on cleveland state tonight for the xfinity center. somebody rough his nosed the boor -- rub his nose for good luck. grand theft orange at the other end and tidy powell man. he be flushing. carter 17 points and 8 boards and terps only up four at the half. trimble the nice dish to diamond stone. diamonds are te rps'best friend. terps pull away 80-63. georgetown hosting bryant university. jt three looking on and georgetown began slow but bradley hayes turned into else vin hayes. that is old man basketball right there. little hook shot. he was dominant and hoyas stretching it to 15 and then the alley-oop to copeland. cope one of four play first double digits.
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and then lj peak, peeking at hee right time. had 20. georgetown wins 77-47. peak speak. afterwards. >> well i just had to pick my teammates up and we started out slow. i figured i had to do something. >> he has that responsibility to do a lot of different things and so today, you know, he was able to penetrate and he was able to get to the rim h whicis something that he does very well. great story here. howard hosting william & mary. that's james daniel. nation's leading scorer. 28 a game. yeah. here we weaves through -- weaves through william, mary, bob, joe the whole defense. only 5'11'' but i tell you he was doing it up today. here he is from three. 39 points and career-high and the game-winning three. they win 79-77. good stuff there. doc knicks and the green machine of george mason hosting wright state.
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thompson of george mason tells wright state you are the wrong state. 32-10. you like that? 32-10 george mason at the half. in the second half livingston with the reverse and george mason ends the two game losing streak 66-39. livingston talking about the win afterwards. >> just wanted to play hard today. we wanted to talk a lot. so -- that's what coach was talking about these past couple of days in practice. so that was a huge focus for us. >> there was nobody who played this unbelievably spectacular game for us. we just -- we played together every guy did their part. >> all right, let's move on here. great game george washington undefeated against cincinnati. off the glass and one. bear cats take the lead. they would not relinquish it. colombians need a stop here, uh- huh. ellis with the tip and cincy wins and george washington falls. that's college game and how about some pros? wizards' coach whitman is
11:27 pm
scratching his head right? last night -- whitman suggesting his club allowed its offensive woes to affect its defensive effort. hmm. back home john wall just 6-25 if the field. why do we show free-throws? >> because they count and mean something. >> only when they miss. yeah. wall with a chance to put the game away. missed two. now with a chance, oh what a feeling the splash three. rdwizas lost four straight 84- 82 to the raptors. that's right. all right, finally guys caps and look at that baby. that is gorgeous. caps' power play great the last two nights, tonight johannson with the score, caps win 4-2. boy a little bit of everything for you on a saturday night. caps winning and maryland football and basketball winning. >> that's a big thing. they had to win at some point right? >> and they do.
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3-9. >> the caps now first place in the metro division. >> there you go.
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umbrellas or what? >> definitely rain gear for the first half of the day tomorrow. looks better in the afternoon as we dry out a little bit. showers could be back later on monday. a cool day. only around 50. and then more showers on and off through wednesday. but a much better second half of the week. >> excellent. well thank you so much for watching. tune in tomorrow morning for wusa9 news at 7:00 and always the app is where it's at. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, sale ends monday.
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we all need to learn that privilege every day. as one streak comes to an end, the ravens looking to start another of their own. hello, welcome into "ravens report", alongside part scott, i'm kristen berset. monday night football showdown as baltimore heads into cleveland looking to start a win streak coming off a victory against the rams. but, bart, of course the big news this week, the injury bug bites again. justin forsett,


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